Virtual DVD Server 4200T

Virtual DVD Server 1200

The mini-tower virtual jukebox is faster, less expensive, more reliable, and a tenth the expense of a jukebox of this capacity. A one thousand CD jukebox used to be a buge, floor-standing cabinet. Now it takes up the same space as an average PC. The 4200T has speed to spare, with its dual gigabit interface and true Pentium 4 processor. It is reliabile, with its four drive array usually configured as a RAID 5 volume, and available redundant power. Most installations need no more than the 4200T to serve CDs and DVDs to all their users...not just now, but for a considerable time in the future. See the spec sheet for to learn more about the 4200T. Or, if your needs are extraordinarily demanding, click here.

Download a spec sheetClick here for the pdf specification.