Small Wonder

Small Wonder CD/DVD Server
  • Small Wonder - 120GB, DVD, 288MB, $2495

The Virtual DVD Server provides the flexibility you need for sharing data and CD-based information. Using the Virtual DVD Server for data storage is a pleasant experience, just like using a quality file server. Connect the Virtual DVD Server to your hub using the supplied ethernet RJ-45 patch cord, power it up, use the convenient front panel display to set the IP address and the unit is ready for use. It provides you with full-function file management, such as file opening, duplicating and backup. Use the optional FISC RC RAID companion for RAID 1 redundancy.

Using the Virtual DVD Server Basic as a CD-Server will spoil you for any other method of CD storage and access. It accepts almost any format: musicCD, CDR, VCD, and DVDs up to up to 8 GB. Pop the drawer, place the disc on the tray, and close the drawer. The disc is immediately accessable while it is copied to hard disk. The copying process takes about 3 minutes for a full CD. Then the disc automatically ejects; no commands are necessary. CD data streams from the hard drive at breakneck speed, enough to support 20 simultaneous video feeds. The Virtual DVD Server Basic dispenses data about as quickly as a 100-base-t network can absorb it: 7 Megabytes per second in real-world tests.

The Virtual DVD Server Basic is broadly compatible. It is compatible with Microsoft's Windows 95/98/NT/Millenium/2000. It is compatible with Apple's MacOS 7.x, 8.x. It is compatible with Unix and Web browsers Internet Explorer 4.x and Netscape 4.x. It works under NetBEUI, NetBIOS over TCP/IP, AppleTalk, and NFS. Security is via share level or user level, up to 512 group identities.

The Virtual DVD Server Basic consists of an Allion FISC CDH CPU with 32 MB RAM, a Toshiba 12X/40X DVD/CD load drive, and a 40 GB ATA hard drive, all integrated, tested, and documented by Academy Computer Services, Inc.. Cables and instructions are included, along with our unlimited 800 line support with purchase.

The unit is housed in a heavy duty galvanized steel enclosure with two cooling fans and a 250 Watt power supply. The bottom two bays are available for expansion.

If your needs exceed 60 CDs, we have higher capacity models.

Download a spec sheet.For more information, click here for the pdf specification.