NAS Model 1400

NAS Model 1400
  • Expandable: Go from 3 to 8 drives without downtime
  • Global Hot Spare: Spare drive automatically replaces any bad drive
  • Anti-Virus: Realtime Trend Micro anti-virus protection of files.

Versatility is the hallmark of the Point 1400 NAS. Consider the following features:


A hard drive array up to two terabytes using inexpensive IDE drives. The array can be dynamically expanded, without downtime, from 3 to 8 drives. All drives are hot swap, RAID 5, and on drive can be designated as a global spare.


The network interface is dual copper gigabit, with automatic load sharing and failover.

Integrated Backup

Through its Smart-Synch feature, a second1400 can be mirrored across a LAN or WAN for even greater security. The user interface is browser-based, for ease of use, with integral anti-virus protection. Backup can be accomplished either through DVD-RW, or tape. IDE tape to 50/100 GB is available And the 1400 supports Integral SCSI tape, DAT, AIT, LTO or SDLT.

Download a spec sheet.For more information, click here for the pdf specification.