NAS Model 2400

NAS Model 2400
  • Expandable: Go from 3 to 8 drives without downtime
  • Global Hot Spare: Spare drive automatically replaces any bad drive
  • Hot Swap: Replace drives without downtime


The Defiant 2400 accelerates your organization's productivity several ways, delivering a storage capacity to Two Terabytes. It allows you to dynamically expand RAID group storage capacity without downtime. That's right, if you need more storage, simply add another drive. The 2400 knows to add it to your existing RAID volume while that volume is still accessable to the network. It allows you to hot-swap hard drives, and it supports a global hot spare drive. The Defiant 2400 supports IDE tape or DVD/CD writers for information backup or archive. It includes dual 100-base-t Ethernet with load balancing and failover protection, plus a gigabit connection option.

The Defiant 2400 has system management features that make it the center of a high uptime installation. It monitors fan speed, voltage and system temperature. It interfaces with the power management support of a UPS.


The Defiant 2400 consists of a drive bay-sized CPU housing a Pentium Tutalin 1.2 Ghz CPU, up to 512 PC 133 RAM, four IDE RAID connectors, plus one connector for Tape and/or CD/DVD-RW. There are two Ethernet connectors, and a PCI slot for future expansion.

Ease of Use

The embedded appliance OS has a web-based management interface as well as configuration support through the LCD front panel, system environment sensor, email notification of abnormal events, RAID 0,1,5 and JBOD support for up to 8 IDE drives, Hot swap support, dynamic RAID expansion support, and hot spare support.


The controller integrates with Windows NT domain, including share/folder/file level security with local and NT domain control. It supports user quotas, and administrator password protection.