Custom NAS Model 3200

NAS Model 3200
  • Hardware RAID: Dedicated Processor Speeds Multi-User Access
  • Web Interface: Easy to Set-up and Use
  • Open Architecture: Add SCSI, Gigabit, Remote Monitoring and more

While retail storage appliances offer ease of use with severe performance trade-offs, and state-of-the-art hardware solutions ask you to spend hours loading and setting up server software, the 3200 offers the best of both worlds.


The 3200 has hardware components carefully selected for maximum performance. Storage Review tested the SuperTrak SX6000 and found it the fastest RAID 5 hardware controller with 6 connectors. The 3Com 990 wins the race for fastest network interface card according to the IS community. Together with the low overhead imposed by our Linux implementation tuned for network throughput, the 3200 easily out performs retail NAS products.

Ease of Use

Your 3200 will be a productive part of your network in just minutes. Connect it to your network, power it up and type in its logon URL at any browser. Its graphical interface will have you setting up user accounts immediately, using your mouse and its context-sensitive help. Full documentation is included. No Linux knowledge necessary; Webmin let's you administer the 3200 as easily as surfing the web. Its intuitive interface compares favorably with retail NAS products.

Designed for High Uptime

The aluminum enclosures housing the 3200 are more than just attractive, they keep the components cool for long life and high uptime. RAID 5 means your data will remain intact through a single drive failure. Even more security is available with options such as making use of the hot spare feature of the Promise controller, specifying an integral tape backup, and ordering your 3200 with redundant power supplies.

Extra Features

The included Webmin software allows you to let the 3200 as a workgroup backup server, a network print server, or an ftp server, increasing its utility and decreasing the strain on your computer equipment budget. Try that with a retail NAS!