Custom NAS Model 4200-6TB

NAS Model 4200-6TB
  • High Capacity: Up To 6 Terabytes
  • Low Cost: less than $4/GB
  • Fast: 63 MB/sec

Performance sets the Custom NAS 4200-6TB apart from lesser ATA RAID storage servers, while still outpricing SCSI units. Easy to use, the included browser-based utility makes server setup fast and simple.


The Custom NAS 4200-6TB has hardware components carefully selected for maximum performance. The multiple processor have the effecitve computing power of 4.2 Ghz. The Tyan Server-class motherboard give true 64-bit throughput, coupled with dual Escalade 64 bit hardware RAID cards and an Intel 64 bit dual 10-100-1000-network interfaces. As a result the Custom NAS 4200-6TB transfers 63 Megabytes per second over Gigabit ethernet.


With its complement of twenty-four 250 GB hard drives, this model has 6 Terabytes of storage. Even with RAID 5 protection and two hot spares capacity is still 5 Terabytes. Include a tape library for security using the optional Ultra 160 SCSI interface.

Ease of Use

Your Custom NAS 4200-6TB will be a productive part of your network in just minutes after. Plug it in, connect it to your network, power it up and type in its logon URL at any network browser. Its graphical browser interface will have you setting up user accounts immediately, just by pointing and clicking. Full documentation is included. No linux knowledge necessary; Webmin let's you administer the Custom NAS 4200-6TB as easily as surfing the web.

Designed for High Uptime

Ample cooling, RAID 5 redundancy, hot swap drive trays and dual redundant power supplies are all part of keeping the Custom NAS 4200-6TB online. As an added precaution, include the optional Dark Site controller, which monitors CPU temperature, fan RPM and many other system safeguards, then emails you through SNMP if maintenance is needed.

Extra Features

Unlike stripped-down NAS appliances, the Custom NAS 4200-6TB has its own mirrored boot drives. If you prefer, Windows 2K Server can be loaded in lieu of Linux. Bakbone or other Linux backup software can be loaded. With the optional SCSI interface, any number of high end tape drives or libraries can be driven. The included Webmin software allows you to let the Custom NAS 4200-6TB as a workgroup backup server, a network print server, or an ftp server, increasing its utility and decreasing the strain on your computer equipment budget.

Download a spec sheetClick here for the pdf specification.