Inmate Secure Computing Systems for Education and Legal Research.

Academy Computer Services has surpassed the one hundred mark in number of prisons with our computer hardware. We have learned over the last twelve years that solutions should vary with need.

  • An older county jail needed a way to move the law library to the inmate. Rewiring would not be economical. They now use keyboard kiosks on carts. The kiosk has sufficient storage for an entire law library within its case. An accessible USB port connects to an external hard drive by the legal publisher to update the content every quarter. The cart doubles as a work desk for the inmate, and is wheeled to another inmate for the next hour. Less inmate movement, less risk of a disturbance.
  • A Computer-Aided Design program needed a classroom of high speed terminals for that demanding application. The network designed by Academy satisfies the performance needs of CAD with the security and surveillance requirements of a federal prison.
  • A new wing of a county prison wanted two terminals in each of eight locations. Their architecture was designed around minimizing inmate movement. Academy responded with a sixteen terminal fiber-copper hybrid system. It has printers along with dual terminals at eight cellblocks, all controlled and updated centrally.
  • A state wanted a uniform, managed approach to legal research at twenty institutions. Academy designed a state-wide implementation of over a hundred terminals linked to the legal content source through a virtual private network. Each location has three complete security failsafe, culminating in a dedicated firewall appliance. Remote maintenance cuts down on onsite service expense.

In short, whether large or small, using kiosk or terminal, closed or online, Academy has the depth and breadth of inmate computing experience to make your implementation successful.