Deskmount Keyboard Kiosk

This desk/cart-top kiosk is made for unattended environments where tamper resistance and ruggedness are the overriding design values. Constructed of 11 and 14 gauge steel, the enclosure is confidence inspiring to you and dismaying to any would-be vandal. The keyboard is strong enough and mounted securely through the housing. It cannot be removed from above.

Within the tamperproof enclosure is a fully-fuctional PC, locked down via Academy’s 68 point process for inmate use as well as Fortres security software. Updates are easy thanks to the USB port custom configured for connection to external hard drives. The computer inside is standard, so future application software will be compatible. You can choose to have a thin client integration instead. Several other options are available.

This secure kiosk is now on GSA Schedule. Its government part number is ISIS-KEYKIOSK.