Academy Computer Services, Inc. began in 1993. Our headquarters is in Stonehamís historic Dow building (1858), seen below. We have enjoyed 238% average annual profit growth. We credit our sucess to adherence to this Mission Statement:

  1. This company exists only in the minds of those who turn to it for help.
  2. We, our vendors and our customers are entitled to a fair profit.
  3. In every action, interaction, and transaction do what is right.
  4. The person who does the work knows best how to improve it.
  5. Best decisions result from taking the longest term and most universal perspective.
  6. The company celebrates and upholds differences among its people.
  7. The company strives to be attentive to the health, safety, privacy, dignity, appreciation, and personal growth needs of its people.
  8. Managers will give under-performing employees clear correction and adequate time to improve behaviors within their control before considering termination.
  9. The company endeavors to be an exemplary corporate and community citizen, as well as an excellent steward of the resources entrusted to it: material, environmental, financial, intellectual and human.
  10. Every aspect of this company, including this mission statement is open to change once a better way has been demonstrated.