To create a secure, online prison law library, Academy employs at three-wall approach.

First, the inmate terminal is set to allow access only to the legal research site. All other functions are removed or disallowed. The inmate desktop displays one link, and that is to the legal research site.

Second, the server has settings (registry, policy and proprietary measures) that have been refined over more than a decade of experience with thousands of inmate users to prevent inmate tampering or electronic escape. Unnecessary programs have been deleted. System functions are password-protected. Academy can view any inmate session by remote-access, and records all inmate activity.

The third, final line of defense is the firewall appliance. All traffic flows through the firewall. It restricts all sites than the legal research one as well as blocking social media, email, IM, chatting, and any other online activity. It too keeps a log of activity, emailing Academy of any tampering attempts.

Our ongoing service contract keeps your system up and well-maintained. We replace any failed or just marginal equipment. Replacements are without additional charge whatever the cause and however frequent. We watch the system remotely for security problems. We are available via email or toll free line for help whenever needed. Our current customers can attest to our service quality.

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