Standard System
Your Academy security specialist can show you how to transition your inmate law library to a monitored, self-updating system at low cost, no maintenance and with the highest degree of security.

Academy Computer Services, is a prison hardware security specialist with a three wall approach proven to prevent electronic escape.

FIREWALL: Restricts inmate access to your legal subscription only. No email, chat, IM, tweeting, surfing, or any other activity allowed. This device is in-line. All traffic goes through it.

SERVER: Records inmate keystrokes. Has a 196 step security process. Unneeded programs eliminated, capabilities restricted to securely accessing your legal subscription site only.

TERMINAL: Legal search icon only. Browser restricted to legal research site only. 45 step security process.
FIREWALL AND KEYSTROKE LOGS: Records and alerts Academy about any inmate misuse attempts at the firewall and server level.

REMOTE ACCESS: Academy can remotely observe inmate terminal sessions in real time.

PASSWORDS: Academy retains and updates fourteen kinds of passwords restricting all aspects of system operations.

SECURE CABINETRY: Academy places the modem, firewall, power protection, remote-managed switch, server and all other critical security components in a steel, fan-ventilated lockbox.