Virtual Jukeboxes by Academy serve many CDs and/or DVDs to many users. Every Virtual Jukebox has a CD/DVD drive for loading discs into the system, one or more hard drives to store the information, and a CPU with an integrated disc management website that connects to your network. Virtual Jukeboxes are superior to physical jukeboxes in several ways:

  • Faster Access Milliseconds, not Seconds
  • Full Access Simultaneous Access to All Discs — Jukeboxes Only Give You 2-6 at Once.
  • Low Maintenance More Uptime
  • Smaller Footprint PC-Sized Enclosures, and Slim Rack Cases that Hold 1,000 CDs
  • Lower Cost Capacity Costs You Less

Virtual Jukeboxes range from basic, inexpensive units to sophisticated, high-speed servers. Our models include:

Virtual Jukeboxes are an exact substitute, since they emulate a physical jukebox, and are highly software compatible.