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Networking Computers
These links have been created for people who have little or no experience with computer networks and need information about creating and maintaining a basic network. More advanced users may wish to return to the main Technical Support page for assistance with specific technical issues.

Windows 9x/ME Peer Networks
What is a peer network?
Naming Standards
What are Network Cards and Hubs?
How do I install a Network Card? How do I setup the cables?
How do I setup addressing?
How do I share something?
How do I connect to something on a network?
Sharing Printers

Larger networks
What is a client/server network?
What is a thin server?
What is NAS?

Peer Network Security
Client/Server Security
A Case Study: ACME Networks
Basic Security Tips

Tips and tricks
How do I synchronize time between two PCs?
NT tips and tricks.